Why Germanik Angler?

I am born and bred in these United States (the country that I love) but take great pride in my German and Norwegian heritage. With my ancestors living along the rivers of Germany and the fjords of Norway, I was bound to love fishing and nature.

Make It Count
My family is everything but the outdoors call to me and I feel the urge to answer. As someone keenly aware of the duties (and rewards) of being a father and husband, I recognize the importance of making my time outdoors and on (or in) the water count.  To that end, I have created and follow the philosphy of the Three E's.  Please click the button below for more details. 
Three E's
I am a freelance outdoor writer, contributing writer for Rambling Angler Outdoors, digital content creator, and member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association.  Also, I am a member of several conservation groups and an advocate for catch and release angling, public lands, and selective harvest.

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