Why Germanik Angler?

I am born and bred in these United States (the country that I love) but take great pride in my German and Norwegian heritage. With my ancestors living along the rivers of Germany and the fjords of Norway, I was bound to love fishing and nature.

My family is everything but sometimes the outdoors calls to me and I feel the urge to answer. As someone keenly aware of the duties (and rewards) of being a father and husband, I recognize the importance of making my time outdoors and on (or in) the water count.  To that end, I have created and follow the philosphy of the Three E's.  Please click the button below for more details. 
Three E's
I am a nationally published, freelance outdoor writer with a focus on fishing related content and am currently a contributing writer for Rambling Angler Outdoors.  It is my hope to offer both practical and tactical insight from decades of experience fishing and camping.  For details from my most recent trip, please click the "About Me" button.  If you are intersted in using some of the same gear I use, click the icons on the bottom of the page and feel free to contact me for 15% off at checkout.

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